Chloe Ryan



stick your finger
in my pie
are you squared?
the equation
of wanting
what was baked
for someone else



and I sit here
frozen solid
by the grasp
of your cold words



the stink of my youth rots
refusing to be buried
under the sagging of aging chest
or the umbrella of "maturity"
and while youth raises hell
the grown up that tries to cage it
gets tired of the commotion
and takes vacation for awhile
and then youth's welling excitement
throws a party in my honor
bringing its spirit back alive
and I dig a hole six feet down
to conceal the enemy of time
and raise a toast that wishes for
the long life of my youth



in the time your eye batted
I was taken
completely stolen
by your spirit
never give me back


first aid

I stumble a lot
so I've resigned myself
to the idea
of licking my wounds
it is the salt of skin
that burns the cut
resting bitter on my tongue
it is the cleansing licks
that far surpass
the burn of the initial sting
but I, you see
am healing very well



why is it that the tumbleweed tumbles?
I ask myself this hoping the answer
will explain why the tumbleweed and I
have perpetual motion in common

could it be the tumbleweed is afraid
that staying immobile too long
will stagnate its experiences
leaving regret at a later date?

does it enjoy the rough of the ride
and the things it picks up along the way?
things it never would have discovered
had it refused to move on

as I drive in my car, towards possibilities
across a back stretch of desert highway
moving from Texas to Washington state
I see the tumbleweed rolling in my direction

we lock eyes briefly in passing
pausing only long enough to discover
that when we see the other's reflection
we recognize a part of ourselves

and still, I wonder, perplexed
why does the tumbleweed tumble
and why do I choose to do the same
but I realize that I may never know...



Chloe Ryan


      BIO: Chloe Ryan is 34 but clinging to "chick status". She has 20 poems in a poetry book "Dark Nights", has her own book, "Leaving Yesterday", published by Crazy Horse Publishing, and was recently published in The Dream People and Nirvana Flats. She's rumored to being doing something at the 2003 Pop Culture Association's Annual Conference, but then again, there are probably many rumors about her...she only admits to the good ones. She claims "life is so full of possibilities and the thrill of the unknown is so great".

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