dan sicoli


8 a.m. saturday

doorbell rings with urgency
i rush downstairs in underwear
eyes half functioning

she hands me a pamphlet
lends me a smile and a pitch
i growl unable to form words
toss the booklet back
at her in mid-sentence
she ignored my no solicitors note
taped to the door

before i slam it
she manages to blurt out
"how can you shut the door
in the face of god?"

i focus on lipstick flakes
smeared across her teeth and gag out
"im not shutting the door on god
im slamming it in you!"

back in bed
i hear knocking next door
hes a truck driver and
likes his sleep
shes persistent

on the 7th knock
a window opens
"whos there?!" he blares like
the voice of zeus himself

"im clara
from the jehovah witnesses
could i have a minute of your time?"

"fuck off bitch!!"
down goes the window

later when i went out to check my mailbox
i found a watchtower stuffed inside
some people dont get it
i drew dicks on all the pictures
with a red marker and mailed it back


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     Dan Sicoli (Niagara Falls, N.Y.) is co-founder and co-editor of Slipstream Magazine & Press, now in its 22nd year of publishing. His chapbook, Pagan Supper (2002), is available from Pudding House Publications. He guest edited the September 2002 issue of Stirring. Other recent work has appeared in Sometimes City, Opium, and Atomic Petals. He dries his own plumb tomatoes.
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